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How To Get Wax Out Of Your Carpet

Posted on January 27, 2023

The ancient Egyptians used to create statues of their enemies out of wax and then melt them because they believed that wax was one of the only substances that could be thoroughly destroyed. Unfortunately for them, it turns out there’s a law of conservation of matter, and when the wax melts, it stays around.

Candles can add a nice atmosphere to a room, but they also tend to drip. It’s not uncommon to get wax in your carpet by accident, but it can be hard to get it out. Fortunately, you have multiple options for getting the wax out like a Carson cleaning professional.


The first thing you need to try is waiting for the wax to dry and then scraping as much of it off as possible. You can use a butter knife or other blunt-yet-sharp object to pick away at the wax. Be careful you don’t accidentally cut or pull out any of the fibers. Some carpets can be fragile, so you need to make sure you don’t cause any damage.

When you’ve taken out as much wax as you can, try vacuuming the remaining bits. You might notice some discoloration still on your carpet. In that case, try hiring a Carson carpet cleaner or using a carpet cleaning product to get that out.


If scraping with a knife didn’t work, you can try freezing the wax by putting ice in a baggie and holding it over the wax for a while. The wax will start to get hard and brittle, making it easy to break out of the carpet fibers.


On the exact opposite side of things, you can also try melting the wax to get it out of the carpet. Remember to be very careful, as you can burn and permanently damage your carpet if you accidentally touch an iron directly to it. Some carpets might be too fragile to handle this, so be careful.

Place a clean, colorless towel, paper towel, or paper bag over the wax stains and set your iron to a low heat setting. Press it onto the wax and wait for it to melt into the towel. Move in small, circular motions until the wax is gone.

Cleaning Chemicals

For anything still left in the carpet after the above attempts, you can use carpet cleaning chemicals to get them out. Remember to always do some spot testing when trying out any new cleaning products to make sure they won’t damage your carpet.

You can also try things like white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or other general cleaning products. The same safety rules still apply to these, too.

Professional Cleaner

If the carpet still has wax residue after everything, you can get a professional Carson cleaning company to clean up your carpet for you. A Carson steam cleaning service can get things out of your fibers that otherwise can’t come out. That means it should be able to lift the waxy residue out of your carpet.

Unfortunately, if your carpet is lightly colored and the wax had a lot of dye in it, that should make cleaning more difficult. But getting Carson carpet cleaning done is your best bet at actually getting it out, so call today.

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